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Our new WhatsApp group

We have created a WhatsApp group for news, announcements and information.

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Tier 4 – Guidelines for Salahadeen Al-Ayubi Masjid

General Guidelines for Tier 4

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Re-opening of Salahadeen Mosque

MICC Management is pleased to announce with the grace of Allah SWT, we will be opening the mosque on Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

The usual rules of COVID-19 apply. Specfically:

  1. Please bring your own prayer mat and wear a mask.
  2. Please perform wudu/ablution before coming to the mosque.
  3. Please adhere to the social distancing rules.
  4. Please do not congregate in mosque for social reasons.
  5. Please limit the attendance to brothers only and only if you are not displaying symptoms

Any questions, please contact MICC Management.

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Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

Really shocked and saddened by the passing of Dr Abdulrahman Elbayouk, our beloved brother and Quran teacher at Masjid Salahadeen Al Ayubi.

Certain people in life embody positivity, optimism and hope. They empower and lift those around them, benefitting both the community and their aakhirah.

In his short but incredibly productive young life, he was part of many student and community initiatives. ISOC, Fosis, AskDoc, GRF charity to name but a few.

We are grieved at his passing, and so very sad for the void he leaves behind for his family and friends. However, we bear witness and are comforted by knowing AbdulRahman has returned to his Creator with mountains of good deeds and an incredible legacy.

Please listen to this short reminder of his that was recorded in Ramadan and apply it to your lives.

Allow AbdulRahman’s positivity be a source of good for you and a sadaqa jaaria for him.

Above all, please remember AbdulRahman in your deepest prayers and give away some sadaqa for him. He was a kindred spirit that deserves as many duas as possible from the Ummah he served faithfully.

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