Welcome to the Manchester Islamic and Cultural Centre and Salahadeen Mosque.

We are a mosque and cultural centre established in 2011 and based in South Manchester, UK serving the needs of the local community.

At our mosque we offer 5 times congregational prayers, Friday and Eid prayers. We have a sisters section for Friday prayers, Eid prayers and the night prayers of Ramadhan.

The MICC aims to deliver to the needs of the community through services such as classes, talks and other events.

Our Friday sermons (called Khutba in Arabic) are delivered in Kurdish, Arabic and English.

The MICC caters for the needs of Muslims and non-Muslims through our programs and events. Everyone is welcome to be a part of our community.


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1 week ago

Reasons for losing light on the Day of Judgement
The imam began this week’s reminder with a passage from the Glorious Quran. Surat Hadid, ayat 12 to 15 and is translated to say:

On the Day you ... See more

1 week ago

Patience and Perseverance in Worship
Dear brothers and sisters, the vityue of patience is one of the best gifts we have received from Allah SWT. The prophet SAWS said:

And whoever remains patient, ... See more

1 week ago

Who are separated from their Lord?
Dear brothers and sisters, we carry on from the previous weeks reminder in which we discussed those who will receive intercession from their Lord and we focus this ... See more

1 week ago

Winners of Intercession on Judgement Day
We are all aware of the purpose of our life and that is to worship Allah SWT. Our speech, our actions and our good intentions will all be revealed and ... See more

1 week ago

Uthman bin Affan, may Allah SWT be pleased with him
Dear brothers and sisters, it is from Allah's mercy and blessings that we were sent a Prophet from amongst ourselves, to come with the message of ... See more

1 month ago

Manchester Mind’s - Building a Healthy Future - FREE Wellbeing Course for people with long-term physical conditions.

This is a FREE 6 week course which supports people with a long-term health ... See more

1 month ago

Great opportunity for father and son....